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H.264 Streaming Media Processor

Model: SMP 351

Key Features
  • Process two high resolution AV signals from up to five available inputs
  • Stream and record simultaneously
  • High quality scaling with flexible two-window management
  • Produces MP4 media files that are compatible with virtually any media player
  • Flexible I/O ports for advanced AV system management
  • License-free operation contributes to a low cost of ownership

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SMP 351 Series

SMP 351 Standard Version – 80 GB SSD 60-1324-01
SMP 351 3G-SDI with 3G-SDI Input – 80 GB SSD 60-1324-02
SMP 351 Standard Version – 400 GB SSD 60-1324-11
SMP 351 3G SDI with 3G-SDI Input – 400 GB SSD 60-1324-12

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